About Us

HeartHealth is a consultative clinical program that evaluates individuals at risk of cardiovascular disease and/or those who want to start a rigorous training program, such as a marathon, triathlon or high-intensity interval training.  Our team includes cardiologists and nurses who specialize in cardiac disease prevention, radiologists who specialize in cardiovascular imaging, nutritionists, behavioral psychologists and software specialists who are developing patient-centered mobile apps.  Our goal is to increase health awareness and promote healthy choices by providing real-time data to the participant and physician.

Our mission is to prevent cardiovascular disease and promote overall health and well-being.  Participants in our program will be offered a comprehensive cardiovascular evaluation, blood analysis, psychosocial inventories and state-of-the-art advanced imaging in collaboration with the Dalio Institute of Cardiovascular Imaging at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.  We work with a multi-disciplinary team to provide a holistic approach to the assessment of cardiovascular risk and recommend a personalized plan to reduce these risks.

Although our focus is on cardiovascular disease prevention, it is impossible to separate the heart from the brain. There are up to 750,000 strokes per year, and uncountable “mini-strokes” causing severe debility, dementia and psychiatric disorders.  When we protect the heart, we are also protecting the brain, and more importantly, the mind.  Think about the stresses inherent in the way we live today. We don’t get enough sleep, we are always trying to multitask and we live in a state of near-constant alertness. For healthcare providers and patients, the amount of information is overwhelming. Let us help you navigate the data and devise a plan that best decreases your risk of cardiovascular disease.


A Program of the Dalio Institute of Cardiovascular Imaging
at the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
428 East 72nd Street Suite 300
New York, NY 10021 Map This P: (646) 962-4278 (HART) F: (646) 962-0188

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